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Industry Expertise



A clean and professional dealership creates an environment for employees and customers to be confident in your vehicles. It all begins with the appearance of your showroom, the cleanliness of your customer waiting room, and the attention to detail on your floors.
Fortunately, there's AMR-US, a workforce with over 20 years of experience maintaining and improving the quality of dealerships around the DC-Metropolitan area.


Financial Institutions

We serve clients in the banking sector, specifically bank branches and corporate offices. Our cleaning solutions for the banking industry include first impressions, floor and care, window cleaning, and much more.



Government facilities hold high expectations, and it only makes sense that you partner with a world-class cleaning company with the same standards.

We conduct full-service janitorial work for government office buildings, military bases, DMVs, and data centers.


Commercial Properties

For commercial properties, AMR-US emphasizes your building's entrances, lobbies, restrooms, and other common areas.

Our maintenance practices promote a safe environment, preventing the spread of germs and viruses. A well-maintained commercial building brings the feeling of safety to staff, employees, and visitors.



The hospitality industry deals very closely with people, which makes it essential to have sanitary environments for customers and employees.

With laws around upholding specific health and safety standards, AMR-US is your go-to partner for hospitality cleaning services.


Educational Facilities

AMR-US's cleaning helps make your educational facility a safe and welcoming environment for students, staff, and visitors.

Our floor plans and accountability give you confidence that our self-sufficient workforce can show up each day to deliver the consistency in cleaning you're looking for.



It's more important than ever for your healthcare facility to provide a sanitized and clean experience for patients, employees, and visitors.

Fortunately, AMR-US's cleaning expertise in the healthcare sector makes germ and bacteria reduction consistent for your facility.



With so much daily foot traffic and equipment use, gyms require thorough cleaning multiple times daily. A higher standard of cleanliness for your gym is what gives customers the confidence to return week in and week out. They become confident in your service and efforts to keep the facility clean, including weight machines, showers, locker rooms, entrances, and more.

AMR-US's expertise in gym cleaning makes us the go-to partner for cleaning and sanitizing high-traffic areas, equipment, and areas that harbor concentrated clusters of bacteria and germs.



We've helped construction companies thoroughly clean their post-construction sites, including senior living centers, YMCAs, courthouse buildings, hotels and more.

Our procedures for post-construction clean-up are systematized, which makes our service invaluable for our clients.



A clean and welcoming store creates positive shopping experiences for your customers. This starts by partnering with the leading provider of facility maintenance in the D.C. metropolitan area, AMR-US.

We provide night cleaning, window, floor care, and specialty services for our retail clients.

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