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Gym cleaning helps maintain a healthy and safe environment for your gym-goers. AMR-US accomplishes this goal by regularly scheduling day cleaning that keeps workout equipment, lockers, and heavily used objects sanitized daily.

Here's how our skillful cleaning professionals handle your gym maintenance needs:

● Day Porter - We provide daily cleaning services such as vacuuming, trash removal, and restroom cleaning, helping your customers have a worthwhile experience.

● Window Cleaning - We clean windows both inside and out, giving your gym an inviting look it deserves for current and future customers that are on the fence. We remove the unwanted buildup and replace it with a crystal shine.

● Floor Care - Floors can be mopped, buffed, waxed, and E-mist disinfected, ensuring their cleanliness and longevity.

● Equipment Cleaning - Our equipment helps fight the spread of bacteria with each gym equipment your customers use. Our disinfection solutions bring you confidence in customer safety continually.

● Specialized Solutions - Pool and sauna cleaning, overnight janitorial services, and more.

A tailored gym floor plan makes all the difference in a successful cleaning operation. Fortunately, AMR-US can accomplish an effective cleaning services solution by conducting a simple walkthrough of your facility and identifying your needs. Start by clicking the link below to schedule a facility evaluation today.

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