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Your commercial facility should remain clean and presentable throughout the day — after all, it affects not only customer perceptions but also your employees. People want to be around clean, polished, and sanitized areas — it's natural.

Our day-porter solution ensures ongoing cleanliness during business hours and includes the following:

● Cleaning all common and high-traffic areas
● Restroom maintenance and restocking
● Parking lot trash removal
● Sweeping exterior paths
● Cleaning spills and other hazards
● Responding to the needs of your building manager

Benefits of our day-porter services:

● Improved facility appearance - Add more shine to your lobbies, restrooms, and break rooms. This creates a positive first impression and keeps the facility looking professional and well-maintained.

● Enhanced cleanliness - Our day porters are trained to perform routine cleaning tasks, such as emptying trash bins, restocking supplies, and wiping down surfaces. This helps to keep the building sanitized and hygienic, which is essential for health safety regulations.

● Faster request response - With our day porters being on-site during business hours, they can respond quickly to requests for cleaning services from building management. Issues or messes are dealt with quickly, helping minimize disruptions and keep cleaning standards high.

Keep your facility welcoming and polished by contacting us for a facility evaluation to see if you qualify for the benefits of AMR's day-porter solutions. Get a simple, complimentary quote.

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