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Electrostatic Fogging or E-mist Disinfection

We use an advanced electrostatic sprayer instrument to sanitize your facility.

Our machines are industry-leading and use an electrical charge to clean conductive surfaces effectively, with even coverage.

Our E-mist instrument can disinfect many areas in an environmentally safe fashion. And the best part is that it has a fast drying time of roughly 10 minutes.

Benefits of using electrostatic fogging for disinfection include:

● Enhanced cleaning reach - The charged mist allows the disinfectant solution to cling to surfaces more effectively. This ensures it reaches more surface area and eliminates pathogens.

● Quicker and more efficient coverage - Electrostatic fogging leads to faster disinfection, making it a best practice for businesses that need frequent sanitization or that have a lot of space to cover. Most of your clients utilize E-mist disinfection weekly or monthly to maintain their floors.

● Reduces risk of human error - It can be hard to cover and disinfect surfaces using traditional methods adequately. The results are sanitization problems in the short and long term. Electrostatic fogging reduces this risk of human error by ensuring that all surfaces are thoroughly treated. With better-treated surfaces, safety is maintained.

● Improved cleaning Quality - Our routine cleaning schedules give our client facilities the sanitization and safety they're looking for. Whether weekly or monthly, E-mist is the true difference-maker in your floor's quality.

Overall, electrostatic fogging is an excellent choice for businesses looking to ensure the highest cleanliness and disinfection in their facilities.

Click the button below to contact us if you'd like E-mist disinfection done for your facility.

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