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Revolutionizing the Cleaning Game

AMR-US empowers commercial facilities with a clean and welcoming atmosphere that customers will love and want to keep returning to  

Where PrecisionAlways Sparkles

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Experience with Up-to-date cleaning technology

Our 20+ years of cleaning industry experience bring an improved customer experience and reputation to your property.

Partnering with AMR-US means you have the #1 provider of facilities maintenance services by your side.


What we do

Restaurante Dirty

Improperly sanitized areas

Health and safety risk

Health, and safety risks

Increase Asset

Lacking professional cleaning equipment

Professional Commercial Cleaning

Poor cleaning team expertise

Timely Scheduled cleaning

Irregular cleaning schedules

Inconsistent levels of service

Inconsistent levels of service

And replace it with…

Restaurante Asset

Increased customer satisfaction

Cleaning Standards

Cleaning standards that exceed expectations

Clean Bathrooms

Regular quality cleaning schedules

Increase Asset Value

Increase the perceived value of your facility

Safe Atmosphere

A healthy and safe atmosphere for your customers

Increase value with cleaning services

An expert cleaning workforce using professional equipment

Industries We Serve
In The DC-Metropolitan Area

●    Commercial Real estate 
●    Education 
●    Government 
●    Healthcare  
●    Retail 
●    Construction 

●    Financial

●    Educational facilities

●    Gyms 

●    Automotive 

●    Hospitality

Modern Building

Testimonials: Hear From Businesses Just Like yours

Quaity Control

Quality Control



Cleaning Consistency


Why Choose AMR-US?

Professional Services Planing


Green Cleaning Products

Eco-friendly, Green Cleaning

Our Service Locations

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  • How long does the facility evaluation process take?
    Our facility evaluations range from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on factors like size, ease of access, and the level of service items to review.
  • Are there scope of size limitations to your solutions?
    We work with buildings small and large. Our cleaning proposals are always tailored to your specific needs.
  • Can you provide all my building maintenance needs in addition to standard cleaning and janitorial services?
    With our wide variety of solutions, we are highly likely to take care of your building's unique needs. We can discuss your facility's needs in detail during our initial consultation.
  • What kind of training does your staff have?
    We've created the "AMR Way," which trains our staff for outstanding customer service, cleaning fundamentals, safety, biohazards, hard floor care, carpet cleaning, green cleaning, and more.
  • Does someone need to be at the business for you to clean?
    Not at all. Our team typically has access to the keys and alarm codes for the buildings we service.
  • Do I pay for a facility evaluation?
    Our professional consultations are complimentary.
  • Can I get an estimate over the phone?
    If you have all the documents required for an RFP such as square footage and scope of work, we can hypothetically put together an over-the-phone estimate. We prefer an in-person review to provide recommendations based on our professional review of the facility.
  • Do you have business liability insurance?
    AMR US is licensed, bonded, and insured.
  • Are your employees screened with background checks?
    Yes, all incoming employees are screened. We can submit the report to you before account start-up upon request.
  • Do I need to provide any cleaning supplies?
    Once we complete the facility evaluation, we will provide you with a same-day or next-day proposal that will include pricing for cleaning supplies.
  • Is AMR US a franchise?
    We are a family-owned and operated local business.
  • What's your average customer retention rate?
    The majority of our customers have been with us since the start of our business (over 21 years ago). Our retention rates far exceed industry standards at 98%. We are proud to say we do our best to satisfy our customers.
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